C .Rapha in Guatemala

1st day of Christian Rapha's protocol visit to Guatemala. The Mayor of St. Peter's receives a distinction from the Vice-Minister of Foreign Affairs of Guatemala. Friendship between peoples is thus celebrated. Saint-Pierre / Antigua, Martinique and France and Guatemala. Inscribe Martinique in the Caribbean, American and world geography: this is one of the objectives of the international relations of the City of Art and History. The mayor of Saint-Pierre, Christian Rapha signs the official act of the twinning agreement of Saint-Pierre with Antigua Guatemala with the new mayor of the twin city of the City of Art and History. On the 2nd day of the visit of the mayor of Saint-Pierre to Guatemala: visit to CONRED, the linchpin of risk management in Guatemala, one of the most dangerous countries in the world, subject to almost all risks. A valuable experience that Saint-Pierre, a city also subject to risk, can draw inspiration from. Continuation of the protocol visit of the mayor of Saint-Pierre in Guatemala, with the visit of the Lycée Jules Verne (educational institution from kindergarten to high school) to consider all avenues of collaboration with the schools of Saint-Pierre: education at the heart of cooperation. Continuation of the visit of the Mayor of Saint-Pierre to Guatemala. Visit to the UNESCO office. St. Peter's, a city of art and history, is the gateway to Mount Pelee, which is expected to be classified as a Universal World Heritage Site in July 2022. Draw inspiration from experiences to prepare for the future.