A health trail!

The Théodule Auguste Bonsang health trail was inaugurated on Sunday, October 31, 2021, in the presence of this distinguished athlete, outstanding running champion.
A journey for all, to stay healthy.
Sport: an indispensable tool for well-being.   Find the speech of the mayor, Christian Rapha, (only the pronounced is authentic) SPEECH OF THE MAYOR OF SAINT-PIERREINAUGURATION
OCTOBER 31, 2021
Mr. Prefect,
Madam Senator,
Mr. President of the Executive Council of the Territorial Collectivity of Martinique, its representatives, excusedMonsieur
the Director of the DRAJES,
Ladies and Gentlemen Elected Officials
Ladies and gentlemen, heads of associations,
Dear sportsmen, dear sportswomen,
Dear Theodule Auguste BONSANGMesdames
and Gentlemen, Thank you for coming to Saint-Pierre for this moment that we wanted solemn, on the occasion of the inauguration of this equipment: this sports course Théodule Auguste BONSANG, named after this talented sportsman, emeritus, this great pierrotin that is Théodule Auguste BONSANG who makes us the friendship of being with us this morning. You will be able to discover on the plaque that we will unveil in a few moments his exemplary career: athlete emeritus of L'Assaut de Saint-Pierre, he participated and won many competitions of walking, cross, raid. Enduring, persevering, tactician, Théodole Auguste Bonsang is an example for all of us and we want to thank him for agreeing to give his name to this equipment. You honour us, Mr Auguste Bonsang. Thank you very much. You are leading by example. Through you, we want to contribute to transmitting the values that guide the commitment of the athlete, whether or not he is of high level: effort, courage, will, the desire to surpass oneself.
These values are incredibly modern. These values are more than ever those that we must restore to adults and young people.
Sport brings well-being together. It is also obviously synonymous with well-being. Throughout the year, the City has been a partner of events and events that were intended to raise awareness about diseases that are public health problems and priorities in Martinique: - colorectal cancer in March: we were a partner of the GIP PROM on the occasion of Blue Mars. -Alzheimer's disease which affects 9000 people in Martinique: on September 21, as a helping city, we hosted a morning of awareness and information on the disease with the association France Alzheimer Martinique. -Breast cancer: on October 16 and 17, Saint-Pierre was a partner of the ma tété and Amazones associations by receiving, for a weekend of breast cancer awareness, the Ma tété Mobile and the Caravane Lanmou des Amazones. But also last Sunday, the motorcyclists for the Pink Spree.
Each time, the role of sport was recalled.
Each time, the importance of physical activity was highlighted, before, during and after the disease.
And of course, I will not forget to talk about the COVID that affects us and that has killed hundreds of Martiniquans since the beginning of the crisis, in March 2020. We deplore nearly 700 deaths to date in hospital, and probably, much more counting the people who died at home. COVID affects us all the more severely as our population suffers from what we have learned to call comorbidities, that is to say those diseases that are potentiated by the coronavirus: obesity, hypertension, diabetes, in particular. These diseases make us more fragile than other populations. Well, we know the importance of regular sports activity to combat the deleterious effects of these diseases! The construction of local equipment of this type meets public health needs.
We have never been more convinced that health is our most precious asset.
Such equipment, is a tool given to pierrotines and pierrotins so that they take care of themselves. I would like to thank here very solemnly and warmly the State and the CTM, represented this morning by the Prefect Stanislas Cazelles and the President of the Executive Council of the CTM, Serge Letchimy, who participated, via the Youth and Sport Directorate or the ACTC, in the financing of this health pathway. The work cost in the end: €
234,950.84 The city contributed 38.64%, the State 31.92% and the CTM 29.36%. This partnership is essential for the small town that we are. It is only on this condition that Saint-Pierre can catch up, get up to speed. Thank you to the CTM who accompanies us in this and other matters, and I hope with all my heart, that with the new governance we will move faster than in the past. Thank you to the State that you represent, Mr Prefect, who has also taken stock of the importance of bringing facilities closer to the population. I want to welcome President Emmanuel Macron's announcement on October 14 in Tremblay-en-France.
5000 local facilities should be located throughout the territory, which will certainly promote the practice of sport by young people and active people…
The president announced that this equipment will be 100% supported in the overseas territories.
We welcome this, since as you know, the finances of cities are constrained.
The overall amount announced by President Emmanuel Macron is 200 million nationwide. There is so much to do! Saint-Pierre will know how to defend his files. This Théodule Auguste Bonsang health trail is a first step. There are others that we want to cross with the state and the CTM. 
It is enough to turn your head to see that there is still work to be done: the Paul Pierre Charles Stadium, which is right next to us, undoubtedly deserves a renovation especially since it is of intercommunal utility, the only one in the area.
This equipment is like all of us: it is getting old! and he is not far from 60 years old.
Renovation work seems useful, to put it mildly!
I don't have to force the line: look at the track, look at the stands… Beyond that, we wish to continue the implementation of small local facilities to help our population stay healthy: thus, it seems appropriate to us, as part of the plan announced by the President of the Republic to also upgrade the small stadium of the Old High School. The characteristics of our population, as we have seen, would justify an effort to be made for all these local facilities, which are all tools of well-being and good health. I am not a fan of "always more", in the name of a supposed specificity. We are as we are, just French people from Martinique and as such, we expect the State to be at our side when there are inequalities, imbalances to compensate. Our population is obviously entitled to the best. And it succeeds well for France when it gives us the means, since our athletes bring to France, the best that is to say medals. The new generations, who are represented here by two champions Leelou Martial-Ehoulet of Good Luck, junior champion on 100 m inspire us with ambition for our young people. Mens sana in corpore sano, a healthy mind in a healthy body. Sport is neither a gimmick nor an argument of political politics! Mr Prefect, Mr President of the Executive Council of the Territorial Collectivity of Martinique, ladies and gentlemen, sport can be a solid foundation for restoring the values that are intended to strengthen the cohesion of Martinique society, which needs it these days.
For our part, we are determined to fight this fight, at the same time as all the others. Thank you.