Inhabitants of the Allée Pécoul (La Montagne): regularization is near.

The six families occupying without title for more than thirty years at the Allée Pécoul, plots belonging to the Société La Martiniquaise (Depaz) have been for many years under threat of eviction, especially from 1989 when Depaz was bought by the company Bardinet (now the Martiniquaise). Mayor Christian Rapha, who has made the settlement of this file one of his priorities, had seized in 2015 the management of the owner company, in order to consider the return of the plots to families. Negotiations have taken place over the years also involving the sub-prefect of Saint-Pierre. A framework agreement was signed between the families, the State and the City in 2018. On December 29, 2020, a first important step was taken with the signing of the act of return to the symbolic euro of the plots of the Martinican company to the City of Saint-Pierre. Today, it is a question of organizing in an operational way the free return of the plots now communal, to the six families as well as the transfer of the title deeds, knowing that the demarcation of the plots has already been carried out. During a very constructive meeting, the parties took note of the progress of the file and listed the points still to be settled: destruction of three unhealthy houses and reconstruction/rehabilitation; financial support for its operations; archaeological diagnosis; revision of the PLU (local urban plan). Other partners, such as Cap Nord, will be solicited, particularly in the context of the rehabilitation of several houses and sanitation. The City, which has played an active role as mediator in this case, wishes to continue to be involved alongside the families. Christian Rapha, Mayor of Saint-Pierre : "The City of Saint-Pierre is first and foremost its inhabitants. It was our responsibility to find a solution that preserves the dignity of these families and recognizes their struggle. I thank the Martinican society, which was attentive to my request and showed humanity in this matter. In a way, it embodies the idea that business and the economy can be combined with humanism and the social. I would also like to thank the sub-prefects and the State services who have been fully committed to this issue. » 157269542_1340115193012501_6620560955610997453_o.jpg 157682608_1340115123012508_5384077193839492374_o-1.jpg 157284164_1340115293012491_5974600729537622452_o.jpg 157682608_1340115249679162_3561546938249692123_o.jpg 157356665_1340115159679171_8520547281725529753_o-1.jpg See the VIaATV report :