To visit….

The main historical monuments to visit in Saint-Pierre,


  • The cathedral of Notre-Dame-de-l'Assomption or Notre-Dame-du-Bon-Port cathedral, previously called the Church of the Anchorage, was rebuilt on the initiative of Victor Depaz, with the help of Monsignor Lequien. This building has been the subject of restoration work since the beginning of 2015 under the direction of Mr. Pierre Bortolussi – Chief Architect of Historic Monuments11.
  • The ruins of the theater, built at the end of the eighteenth century on the model of the great theater of Bordeaux following the urban legend. However, according to its proportions, and its architectural scale, it is much smaller than that of the Bordeaux city. The same goes for its decoration and in the treatment of the monumental order that is implemented on its main façade.
  • The ruins of the church of the Fort
  • The ruins of the prison and the dungeon of Cyparis
  • The former stock exchange, current headquarters of the Heritage Office of the City (animator of the heritage of the City of Art and History) the various fountains (place Ernoult, rue Levassor …)
  • The Depaz distillery where Depaz rum is produced.
  • Underwater wrecks
  • The Habitation Anse Latouche, most of which is located in the town of Le Carbet.
  • The colonial house of health
  • The Engineering Office
  • The Ernoult Garden
  • Monte-au-Ciel Street
  • The Trouvaillant Powder Magazine
  • The Virgin of the Sailors

But also…

  • L'Habitation Depaz (Castle/Distillery)
  • The 1902 Disaster Memorial-Frank A. Perret
  • Sand and Ash (Ceramic Workshop)
  • TSDC: Earth Sciences
  • The Creole Art Café (Art Gallery)
  • Guided tours of the Heritage & Tourism department
  • The market

Where to sleep

  • Hotel Villa Saint-Pierre
  • The Cheese Maker
  • The Blue House
  • Stopover of the Anchorage

Where to eat:

Good restaurants

  • The Cane Mill
  • The Bella Beach
  • The Creole Art Café
  • Alsace in Kay
  • La Villa Saint-Pierre
  • Ice cream parlour (Artisanal glacier)


  • The Circle of St. Peter
  • Blue of the Islands
  • O'Mango
  • The Wave
  • The Guérin
  • The Tamaya
  • Caribbean Bar
  • The Cyparis
  • The Cheese Maker
  • At Marie-Claire
  • New Wong Kee

On the go,

  • Baguet Shop


  • Le Zinc


  • The 1902
  • Malou creation


  • A Papa'dlo (Scuba diving)
  • Surcouf Dive
  • UCPA (Scuba diving, water sports)
  • The nautical center
  • Apnea symbiosis (Snorkeling)
  • Martinique Water Taxi (excursions)
  • FRANZY (excursions)


  • Alwego
  • Bethel Rental
  • Martinique Transport



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