Information meeting with artisans Tuesday 9 February 5pm

After a field visit on Friday, February 5 during which the President of the Chamber of Trades, Mr. Henri Salomon, accompanied by Mayor Christian Rapha met craftsmen (butcher, ice cream parlor, ceramist / artisan), the appointment is made on Tuesday, February 9, 2021 from 5 pm. Listen, inform, exchange… ARTISANS OF SAINT-PIERRE, this interests you. image001.jpg whatsapp_image_2021-02-07_at_09.11.55.jpg whatsapp_image_2021-02-07_at_09.11.08-2.jpg whatsapp_image_2021-02-07_at_09.11.07-5.jpg whatsapp_image_2021-02-07_at_09.11.06.jpg whatsapp_image_2021-02-07_at_09.11.07.jpg