For any information on events, places, devices… our culture department: 0595 78 10 32. City of Art and History, Saint-Pierre offers a range of events and cultural services. The building of the former Mixed School A, at the end of rue de l'Intendance, not far from the Pont Roche, hosts a number of associations that intervene in the field of Culture. The building has a dance hall equipped to accommodate companies and classes.


The month of May, the month of St. Peter's is the time when culture literally explodes with concerts, conferences, outdoor entertainment. Pawol Senpiè : from 7 pm to 9 pm (excluding confinement), once a month, usually on Thursdays the covered market welcomes personalities around a work. Madiflora : the meeting place for flowers and floral art, in May.  

Artists and places

Sable & Cendre at 115 Rue Victor Hugo: Miguelle Colineau welcomes in his open workshop on Rue Victor Hugo all those who wish to get acquainted with the art of ceramics. Creole Arts Café at 103 Rue Victor Hugo: Juliette Kind loves not only good food and good food, but also art, painting, and artists. This is why it opened rue Victor Hugo, an atypical place between old walls (before 1902) which offers to eat on the ground floor, and admire works of artists on the first floor of this building built in the pure style of Saint-Pierre. Manman Dlo : you have to take a mask and snorkel to see this monumental work, a few meters from the shore, underwater, in front of the Guinguette. the sculpture of Laurent Valère, to whom we owe the Diamond, the Memorial of Anse Caffard. Here you will see, this sanded goddess, who will connect you to the sea and African deities.