• legal social assistance, which, by law, is its only compulsory allocation;
  • optional social assistance and social action, subjects for which it has a great deal of freedom of intervention and for which it implements the social policy determined by local elected representatives;
  • the animation of social activities.

The Communal Centre for Social Action (CCAS) of the City of SAINT PIERRE and its partners provide answers and solutions to improve daily life and face the difficulties of life. It is advisable to get closer to the reception of the Town Hall. Opening hours to the public: From 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m., Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday Contact: 05 96 78 10 32 But also, on the territory of the commune: THE FRENCH RED CROSS President: Mrs. Violaine POTINIER 54 Rue Petit Versailles, 97250 Saint-Pierre Tel: 0596970824 0696283501 Mail: ASSOCIATION PERMANENCE ACCUEIL ECOUTE JEUNE Rue Victor Hugo, 97250 Saint-Pierre Tel: 0596629561 0696898925 Mail: SIGMA FORMATION President: Mr MONTABORD Jean-Luc 58, subdivision Saint-James, 97250 Saint-Pierre Tel: 0696382545 Email: