After the bad weather, Saint-Pierre passes towards the Atlantic Coast

Heavy goods vehicles going to the municipalities of the North Atlantic north of Sainte-Marie, will now pass through Saint-Pierre.

This is provided for in Article 2 of the order issued by the CTM and the mayor of Sainte-Marie on November 14, as a result of the torrential rains that washed away a portion of the RN1 between Sainte-Marie and Lorraine. Some of the heavy goods vehicles that used to take the RN1 will now transit through the Caribbean Coast. Without knowing exactly the number of vehicles affected by this deviation, there is no doubt that their passages on the RN2 from Schoelcher to their final destination Grand-Rivière, Lorrain, Macouba, Basse-Pointe, Marigot or north of Sainte-Marie, will cause new nuisances. The village of Saint-Pierre, already crossed by hundreds of trucks, will be impacted by this situation. Solidarity with the North Atlantic must prevail and the mayor invites the Pierrotines and pierrotins to patience. The continuity of economic activity in the North Atlantic is at stake. Nevertheless, Christian Rapha drew the attention of the sub-prefect to the need to reduce as much as possible in time this transitional device which will solicit the road infrastructure and particularly the works and bridges of Saint-Pierre. These – whether it is the portions of the RN2 or municipal roads such as the Rue de la Vieille Halle – could find it difficult to bear the additional load of banana semi-trailers. deviation-rn1.pdf retour_signe_arrete_de_circulation_ctm-2.pdf

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