Revitalization of the Centre Bourg

In June 2016, pre-operational studies were launched to confirm the interest of such an approach, namely: • The fight against undignified and very degraded housing (about 50% of the housing in the perimeter is classified degraded or very degraded). • The renovation of architectural facades to enhance the Pierrotine heritage and strengthen the city in its cultural and tourist role in Martinique. • Energy management and the fight against energy poverty, • Support for seniors in the face of loss of autonomy, • Improvement of the living environment of residents to promote the return of households to the town center and strengthen the attractiveness of the City on the Northern Caribbean territory. Faced with the difficulties that project leaders (landlords or occupants) may encounter, the City of SAINT-PIERRE has decided to recruit a team dedicated to this major operation. This Animation Monitoring Team will have the mission of technical advice and social support for the constitution of the financing application files. To this end, the City has drafted a draft agreement that the Mayor and the Prefect of Martinique should sign at the next Local Monitoring Committee, at the end of June 2017. This draft convention is now presented to you to collect your opinions and comments. You can deliver them to the town hall at the reception for the attention of Mrs. Ségolenn CUER responsible for the City and Territory Project Department, or send them to her by email at the following address A public meeting is scheduled for June 2017 to submit this Programmed Operation of Housing Improvement to the discussions of the population and also answer their questions.