Operation "SAINT-PIERRE, c'est Chez Moi": the planting permit

Do you know how to plant? Do you live in Saint-Pierre? Do you love your City? Passionate or not about the environment and green spaces? Do you have a project? Your association wishes to work for the beautification of Saint-Pierre?

Participates in the call for projects "Planting Permit". Become an Actress, Actor of the beautification of your City. When these projects are located on public roads, they require prior authorization from the City: this is the principle of the planting permit. The planting permit is not intended for projects to vegetate a private space: if your project is located in your building yard, you do not need this permit. And if your project concerns another private space, you must first contact the owner. Install a planter around the corner to grow plants, invest a tree foot or a "hollow tooth" to sow flowers, run climbing plants on a wall. All these interventions are part of the overall project of greening and beautification of the city. All your ideas are welcome. The most beautiful achievements will be rewarded by the City of Saint-Pierre. To participate, retrieve the file composed of the following 2 files, fill in the documents with a maximum of details and sketches, and finally, submit the complete file to the reception of the Town Hall of Saint-Pierre before April 15, 2017. reglement_permis_de_planter.pdf demande_de_permis_de_planter_version_1.0.pdf Saint-Pierre, it is my City, it is Chez Moi, I want it beautiful and flowery.

Attached documents