Operation "SAINT-PIERRE, c'est Chez Moi"

The City of SAINT-PIERRE is organizing an operation entitled "SAINT-PIERRE c'est chez-moi", which will take place from Saturday, March 18 to Saturday, March 25, 2017.

This action has a twofold purpose. It aims on the one hand to educate the Pierrotines and Pierrotins so that they take responsibility for the quality of the living environment of their municipality and on the other hand, to draw everyone's attention to the maintenance of cleanliness and beautification of our territory. Everyone must understand that eco-citizen gestures must be the norm and that we can all contribute to maintaining a pleasant environment. It is also one of the stages of sustainable development. Because it is in the general interest, the City has requested, as part of the agreement it has signed with the Lycée Saint-James, the competition of the 1st year STUDENTS of BTS of the Graphic Design, Communication and Digital Media section, for the realization of the various visuals of the campaign. Thus, different actions will be put in place. On the program: Information to the population, encouragement to the organization of micro citizen operations of "Koudmen Nétoyaj", implementation of the "Planting Permit", launch of a call for projects "Flower balcony, Flower garden, Flower district".