The inhabitants want to raise St. Peter from his ashes

Nearly a year of reflections and proposals led, in February 2016, to the restitution of the imaginary workshops on the Place Bertin in Saint-Pierre, as part of the "great Saint-Pierre". Priority actions are selected to revive the city of art and history.

"The project must shake up political time," declares Patrick Chamoiseau, the project manager of the "great Saint-Pierre". In other words, no matter the deadlines, St. Peter must move forward. The philosophy developed by Patrick Chamoiseau is intended to be precise. "The territory of coherence of this Zone includes, in addition to Saint-Pierre, the Morne-Rouge, the Morne-Vert and fonds Saint-Denis. The Martinican writer, (Goncourt Prize in 1992), adds: "With this objective of multidimensional revitalization, the great Saint-Pierre is set to become a real driving space that will combine the urban, the economic and the social around a great intention with a view to a balanced dynamization of the whole country". Wednesday evening, on the historic Place Bertin, the inhabitants of Saint-Pierre participated in the presentation of the imaginary workshops as actors of the future of their city.
The Great St. Peter's Day