The CIAP, the Interpretation Centre for Architecture and Heritage is on its way

An indispensable tool for the enhancement of heritage, the Interpretation Centre for Architecture and Heritage, the CIAP is part of the City of Art and History agreement that links the City of Saint-Pierre to the Ministry of Culture. The construction site has been launched.

VALUING & DIALOGUE The CIAP is a cultural facility at the service of a policy of valorization, awareness, training and information of all audiences to urban planning, architecture and heritage of the territory. It is a space for meetings and didactic and pedagogical exchanges. It will include a permanent exhibition, a temporary exhibition space, a conference room, a space dedicated to educational workshops, a documentation and information centre, a shop and a café. Located on Rue Victor Hugo, in the former Crédit Agricole branch, transformed into a tourist information centre, Villa Sainte-Anne was selected to host the CIAP, not far from the Memorial of the 1902 Disaster – Frank Perret Museum. 93% of the CIAP budget is supported by the State and the EIF, the exceptional investment fund. see viaatv report whatsapp_image_2020-12-16_at_16.35.54.jpg whatsapp_image_2020-12-16_at_13.38.39.jpg