The overall budget of the city of Saint-Pierre, amounts to € 16,161,965.96

Operation €7,383,829.21
Investment €8,778,136.75

Compared to the 2019 financial year, the operating budget is slightly down by 0.50% and the investment is experiencing a sharp decrease of about 30% due to the transition to the PPI (Multi-Year Investment Plan) management mode in 2020. The City Council has chosen not to increase its tax rates (Housing Tax and Built and Unbuilt Property Tax). Thus, the rates voted in 2020 are as follows:

Base Rate Products
Property Tax (Built) 2 610 000,00 23,93% €624,573
Property Tax (not built) 58 400,00 26.16ù €15,277
2 668 400,00 €639,850