Orders relating to the Carnival festivities 2017

Safety must be everyone's priority during the Carnival festivities.

In order to allow the population to fully and safely enjoy the carnival events, the Mayor of the City of Saint-Pierre has issued orders on: – The children's carnival scheduled for Tuesday, February 21, – The sale of drinks during the Carnival, – The regulation of parking on Place Bertin, – Musical entertainment, – Access to the pier, – General public security measures. All these by-laws can be downloaded here: arrete_sur_l_animation_musicale.pdf arrete_sur_l_acces_a_l_appontement.pdf arrete_sur_la_vente_de_boissons.pdf arrete_sur_la_securite_publique.pdf arrete_sur_la_fermeture_du_parking_place_bertin.pdf arrete_sur_la_carnaval_des_enfants.pdf The municipality wishes you a good Carnival 2017.

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