25 November: International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women

"If it's not sure it's yes, tell yourself it's no": theme of the 21st campaign against violence against women.

Violence against women is a scourge that undermines the cohesion of our society. 598 complaints of domestic violence, 303 complaints of sexual violence in 2019, the figures of violence against women are still too high. The mobilization of public actors is fundamental, but it is essential that the message reaches deep into society and permeates the mentalities of men, women and children for the idea of gender equality to advance and violence against women to decrease. This year's international day campaign focuses on consent and sexual violence: "If it's not sure it's yes, tell yourself it's no." Saint-Pierre, City of Art and History, intends to take part in this everyday struggle, giving voice to art at the very heart of the City. This is why the mayor, Christian Rapha, gratefully welcomed the proposal of the artist C. Venus Hippocrates who designed and realized a sculpture in tribute to women. Oh!!! Women bearers of memory, guardians of time! The work will be unveiled at the entrance of the village on the occasion of the International Day in the presence of administrative personalities and civil society, in compliance with barrier gestures. non_-_25_nov_2020.jpg