Information meeting on Mount Pelee

The Covered Market fills up on the occasion of the information meeting on Mount Pelee, Saturday, December 5, 2020.

Information meeting at the Covered Market, Saturday, December 5 at the initiative of the sub-prefect Nicolas Onimus with the director of the Volcanological and Seismic Observatory of Martinique, Mr. Fontaine, the director of the Institute of Physics of the Globe of Paris. The mayor, Christian Rapha was present, as well as many Pierrotins who came to ask questions about the "yellow vigilance" decided by the state authorities on Friday, December 4. As a sign of the Great Interest of the Pierrotins in a subject that particularly concerns them, the meeting lasted more than 3 hours. whatsapp_image_2020-12-06_at_09.01.12-7.jpg Mr. Fontaine, Director of the Observatory speaks whatsapp_image_2020-12-06_at_09.01.12-6.jpg The Director of the Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris whatsapp_image_2020-12-06_at_09.01.12-5.jpg whatsapp_image_2020-12-06_at_09.01.12-4.jpg